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The story of the Italian company, Borsalino, began in 1857, when its founder, Guiseppe Borsalino, began producing exceptionally high quality men´s hats. The classic Borsalino is traditionally made with rabbit or Nutriahair and is, as a result, very light and comfortable to wear. A bent crown is characteristic of a classic Borsalino. This is a symbol of the demonstrations that occurred during the Italian Unification, during which the men were forced to damage their Bowlers. Borsalino skillfully used this incident to affectively change the form of men´s hats. The indented crown of the hat also served a very practical purpose; it allowed to men to remove their hats more gracefully in the presence of women. Marked by its singular quality, the Borsalino name has remained a symbol of timeless elegance and exclusive design.