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Heimat Berlin GmbH

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10435 Berlin


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Kastanienallee 40
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We carry various styles of hats, made from diverse materials. Our collection includes classics such as Bowlers, Cylinder, Bogarts, and Homburger, as well as fashionable models like Trilbys, Porkpies, and Player. They are available in, among others, wool felt, rabbit hair, straw, and cotton.

In our store you will also find modern hats such as baseball caps and 5-Panel Camp hats. Whether athletic or classic, baseball caps and 5 Panel hats are available in innumerable variations. These hats are offered in a variety of fabrics including corduroy and tweet.


We offer numerous styles and cuts including Flatcaps, Hatteras, Sportcaps, and Ballonhats. Our caps are available in high quality materials such as silk, linen, cashmere, and cotton.


Today, the beanie is a practical and necessary addition to any wardrobe to protect from the blustery cold in winter or for everyday use as a stylish accessory. Whether an elegant model with a fox hair pompom, or trendy and colorful, there is something here for everyone. Our beanies are made from lamb’s wool, cashmere, and wool, among others.